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Using Homeopathy for Intestinal Worms, Pinworms, Tapeworms Intestinal worms and other parasites are all too easy to contract.

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Homeopathic Medicine for Easier Childbirth

Although I am in favor of natural childbirth and letting Mother-Nature take its course, I realize there are times when a woman may need medical assistance before, during or after labor and delivery.

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Berlin Wellness Ezine – July 2013

I was brought up in a cultural, health conscious and spiritual home.

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Boosting the Immune System with Homeopathy

Jonas Salk, with both eloquence and simplicity, once stated that there are two primary approaches to treating ill people.

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10 Reasons to Hire a Birth Doula!

What is a Birth Doula?A birth doula is a person who is trained and experienced with childbirth.

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The Side Effects of Candida in your Overall Health & Some Simple Steps to Begin Your Candida Detox!

Did you know that 80% of Americans are walking around with Candida and they don't know it!

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Detox from Yeast Growth, Parasites Naturally with Do Terra Essential Oils

doTerra essential oils are very effective at removing worms and parasites from the body in both children and adults.

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Who has STRESS... has it affected your sleep, your relationships, your energy level....

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Benefits of Assessing your Homeopathic Constitutional Type!

“Like can cure like.” The core understanding of homeopathy is that by causing the body to produce the symptoms of dis-ease, can actually cancel out and heal the body of the original unwanted dis-ease and symptoms.

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Benefits of doTERRA essential oils for babies

doTERRA essential oils are gentle enough to use on newborns and babies, but some things to keep in mind

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